Education and Training

Risk Management & Audit Services offers a variety of educational opportunities to members of the Harvard community, including:

Ethics and Accountability training:  Updated to include previous Fraud and the Workplace training.

In this dynamic workshop, you will explore the world of fiduciary responsibility, internal controls and detecting fraud in the workplace. Using a combination of case studies, recent examples in the higher education sector and group discussion, this course seeks to provide you with a clear understanding of your roles and responsibilities in protecting the University’s resources while promoting an environment consistent with the University’s values and objectives. It will also raise your awareness to fraud indicators and outline the actions to take if you suspect that it may occur.

Institutional Risk Management Symposia: An annual, one-day symposium which brings together hundreds of individuals from across all Harvard schools and central units to network with one another and learn from experts and leaders in key strategic, operational, and financial risk areas germane to Harvard. To receive symposia email announcements, subscribe here.

Institutional Risk Management Brown Bag Sessions: Quarterly sessions presented by risk management leaders from across the University, each covering a different risk-related topic. Previous session topics have included youth protection, diversity in hiring, and international travel safety. To receive session email announcements, subscribe here.

Our Risk Strategy and Insurance department also provides access to numerous internal and external resources to help risk owners better understand their organization’s current level of risk management maturity. Topics covered range from general concepts to specific risk exposures and alternative mitigation approaches. Please contact the Risk Strategy and Insurance staff for more information.

Risk Management and Audit Services also provides customized training regarding risks, controls, and compliance on a requested basis.