Restricted Current-use Gifts Processing

Establish New Funds

  • Obtain written terms signed by the donor
  • Review gift terms by school finance office
  • Review gift criteria for FASB 117 flag
  • Review gift for gift vs. grant criteria
  • Review Chart Security Maintenance Application (CSMA) new fund request form for accuracy
  • Timely submission of documents and forms to Central and RSO for fund set up
  • Maintain donor terms in central school/tub file
  • Distribute gift terms to departments responsible for spending

Safeguard Check Receipts

  • Restrictively endorse checks upon receipt
  • Establish check receipts log
  • Secure checks held overnight in locked drawer or safe
  • Forward checks to RSO at least weekly
  • Use of courier to send checks/donor terms to RSO

Process Check Receipts

  • Establish policies and processing metrics
  • Maintain copy of postmark date on envelope for calendar year-end cut-off
  • Date stamp checks upon receipt
  • Process check batches in Advance at least weekly
  • Review Advance Batch Proof Report for accuracy prior to submission to RSO
  • Reconcile receipts to general ledger

Maintain Donor Terms

  • Establish central school file for donor terms
  • Communicate donor terms to responsible departments
  • Establish department file for donor terms

Monitor Donor Terms for Compliance

  • School-level review for deficits and large unexpended balances
  • Department-level review for deficits and large unexpended balances
  • Understand donor terms and manage spending in accordance with terms


  • Establish process to thank donors for gift or pledge
  • Send donor thank you letters on a timely basis
  • Establish school-wide stewardship plan
  • Identify/monitor donor funds that require periodic reporting
  • Send donor reports on a timely basis