Information Systems Audit

Who should I call if I experience a security breach?

Call or email the Network Security Incident Response Team (NSIRT) of University Information Systems (UIS). Call 496-4736 at any time. During business hours (Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.), a staff member will take your call. After hours you can leave a voice mail to page the on-call engineer. A team member can assist you in further evaluating the situation and determining what follow-up actions to take.

What is an Integrated Audit?

An integrated audit considers information technology, financial and operational controls as mutually dependent for establishing an effective and efficient internal control environment.

From an information technology perspective, the objective is to assure that information technology controls are effective and efficient to support the business process. From a financial and operational perspective, the objective is to assure that financial and operational controls are effective and efficient to support the business process. Even though issues may not be identified in financial and...

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What is a Systems Audit?

An information systems audit performed by RMAS is a comprehensive examination of a given targeted system. The audit consists of an evaluation of the components which comprise that system, with examination and testing in the following areas:

  • High-level systems architecture review
  • Business process mapping (e.g. determining information systems dependency with respect to user business processes)
  • End user identity management (e.g. authentication mechanisms, password standards, roles limiting or granting systems functionality)
  • Operating systems...
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What is an IT Governance audit?

An IT Governance audit evaluates an IT organization’s strategic and operational alignment with its enterprise’s business strategy, ensuring that IT is supporting the organization’s overall goals while measuring IT delivery performance and transparently reporting the results.

This type of audit will assess how an IT organization is functioning overall, what key metrics management needs and what value it provides to the enterprise. According to the IT Governance Institute, there are five focus areas:

  • Strategic alignment: Linking business and IT so they work well...
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Information Systems Audit

The Information Systems (IS) audit group assesses the University's critical systems, technology architecture and processes to assure information assets are protected, reliable, available and compliant with University policies and procedures, as well as applicable laws and regulations. We emphasize the importance of mitigating security risks during our audit coverage of the University’s application, operating and networking systems. Through our integrated and IT governance audits, we evaluate information technology’s impact on the University’s processes and its abilities to achieve its...

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