What is the Risk Management Committee?

The Harvard Risk Management Committee (RMC) provides a forum for identification, discussion and resolution of major risks facing the University. The RMC is charged by the President and Provost to provide advice on:

  • How the University may assure that faculty and staff are aware of their legal and ethical responsibilities as members of the Harvard community
  • What steps should be taken to establish and codify University-wide standards of conduct
  • Coordinating and disseminating information regarding training, oversight functions, and internal controls, especially in areas subject to regulations
  • Facilitating inter-faculty collaboration and support of risk identification and mitigation strategies

The RMC is endorsed by the President, Provost and Joint Committee on Inspection and represents an integral part of the University's compliance initiative. This committee generally meets three to four times a year and is chaired by the University's General Counsel. Membership is comprised of senior administrators and faculty from across Harvard University. The RMC is staffed by RMAS' CRM Group.

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