Hazard Analysis & Risk Mitigation Consulting

As part of the University’s Master Property Insurance program, all Harvard owned buildings are eligible for regular loss control surveys. The purpose of the survey is to assist property/facility personnel with their own overall loss control and risk mitigation efforts, and to help identify property loss exposures at each location. The survey is performed by a qualified engineering firm under retainer with the department. A typical inspection involves data gathering and evaluation of the physical location and human element conditions. Recommendations are then provided to prevent losses from occurring and/or to minimize their impact.

Risk management department staff are also available on a consulting basis to investigate unique needs, and to perform specialized risk assessment reviews that require a more detailed analysis than what is afforded under the basic loss control survey process.

If your organization is undergoing new building construction or major renovations, the department offers a plan review service by qualified engineers for added assurance that the design and installation will be completed in accordance with widely accepted industry standards for performance and quality.  This service is provided at no cost for the following projects:

  • Roof repair or replacement greater than 5,000 square feet in scope
  • Automatic fire sprinkler installations of 24 heads or more
  • Installation or removal of a fire pump of any size

To receive a consult from the Risk Finance and Insurance department building or construction project, please send an email request to risk-services@harvard.edu.