Online Risk Management Self-Service

The Risk Financing and Insurance department is constantly working to improve the Harvard community's access to our services and programs. To that end, we currently administer several different self-service portals for processing coverage, claims, and evidence of insurance requests. Please select the button below that most closely matches your request:

ALERT: If you are a faculty or staff member from a school or TUB that does not participate in the HUIT installation of SharePoint / Office 365, (e.g. you use an email address such as,please email to have your credentials enabled for HUIT SharePoint. This process may take up to 1 week to process. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Certificates of Insurance

Click this button to request a certificate of insurance for General Liability, Automobile Liability, Workers Compensation, Medical Professional Liability (a.k.a. Medical Malpractice), Management Liability (a.k.a. Errors & Omissions), Foreign Liability, Liquor Liability, and Umbrella/Excess Liability. [see below for requesting evidence of property insurance]

Liability Claims

Click this button to report any claims of bodily injury or property damage to others. All incidents which result in or may result in a claim for loss or damages against Harvard University must be reported to Risk Financing and Insurance as soon as the affected school/dept./operating unit becomes aware of such an incident. Information or documentation not readily available can be submitted after the initial report. Any delay in reporting may jeopardize coverage availability. [Report injuries to University employees to the worker's compensation claims administrator through HR]

Builders Risk Insurance & Claims

Click this button to request coverage on your construction/capital project or to report a claim for loss or damage to a building while in the course of construction. 

Motor Vehicle Services & Claims

Click this button to add or edit a motor vehicle on the Insured Vehicles List and to report any vehicle-related claim.

Property/Equipment Insurance & Claims

Click this button to request a certificate/evidence of property insurance, to request coverage for newly acquired property (in US only), goods and equipment being shipped/while in transit, temporarily stored away from its Harvard domicile, and for insuring other Harvard-owned property that is mobile or movable. Use this link to report a claim for damage to any Harvard-owned buildings, contents, equipment, or other property.

Professional Liability Insurance

Click this button to obtain evidence of Management Professional Liability/Errors & Omissions insurance (not medical malpractice) or to report any incident that may result in a claim of professional negligence against University staff or faculty. Malpractice claims should be reported directly to the Office of the General Counsel.

International Insurance

Click this button to report any existing or newly planned international programs, particularly those with semi-permanent (6+ months) or longer installations, sites we are establishing a local entity, purchasing local property, hiring local employees, or conducting clinical or human-subject research. You can also use this link to request evidence of international liability coverage or to report liability claims occurring overseas. 

Special Events Insurance

Click this button to request coverage for any student-run event, on or off campus, or any special events that may require coverage above and beyond the traditional liability coverage provided by the University. For evidence of University coverage, click the Certificates of Insurance button above.

Collections & Exhibitions

Click this button to request coverage for your special collections, loans, exhibitions, and fine arts, or to report a claim to any such item insured through standalone or University master programs.