Commercial General Liability

The Commercial General Liability (CGL) Policy provides coverage for the University, its directors, officers, faculty and staff when acting within their duties as such. It covers claims arising from negligent acts and/or omissions resulting in bodily injury and/or property damage on the University’s premises, when someone is injured in the general course of operations for the University, or as the result of a product or service manufactured, distributed or provided by the University. It includes coverage for liquor liability for social hosts.

Harvard students are also considered as insured under the University’s CGL policy but only to the extent they are officially representing the University in whatever action or activity that leads to or directly contributes to a negligence claim against them. Coverage also applies to student activities related to public service programs or other off campus educational experiences when done as part of the curriculum approved, in advance, by the Dean’s office of the relevant school.

The University’s master CGL program currently applies only to legal liability risks where the original suit for damages is brought in the United States, Canada, or any of the U.S. territories. See Special Purpose insurance for a coverage regarding international operations and business matters.